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Insta-Mold Earplugs

Insta-Mold silicone earplugs are customized to fit your ear with greater comfort, maximum attenuation value and greater convenience. When made correctly, they provide a reliable “tissue-to-tissue” fit duplicating every crevice and contour of the ear, which allows the user to wear these earplugs for extended periods of time without discomfort, irritation or constant removal from the ear for re-insertion.


Uses for Insta-Mold Earplugs include, but are not limited to: hunting, swimming, reducing wind and engine noise during motorcycling, target shooting, heavy equipment operation/ construction, concerts, sleeping and industrial situations.


Other recognizable groups or individuals wearing Insta-Mold’s:

  • U.S. Air Force


  • F.B.I.

  • Royal Air Force

  • SWAT teams worldwide

  • Secret Service

  • U.S. National Guard

  • U.S. Olympic Shooting Team

  • Johnny Unser (professional driver)

  • Gen. Schwarzkopf (ret.)

  • Jon Kruger (champion shotgun shooter)

  • Casey Atkinson (champion shotgun shooter)

  • Kim Rhode (U.S. Olympian)

  • Gil and Vicki Ash (instructors)

  • Louise Mandrell (entertainer)

  • Doug Koening (champion pistol shooter)



Points to remember when getting fit for a pair of Insta-Mold’s

  • For maximum results, your Insta-Molds should be made with a syringe by a qualified provider.

  • Insta-Mold ear protection is virtually non-shrinkable and can be used in a variety of noise or water related activities.

  • Unlike other imitations, Insta-Molds use a “Seal-Kote” to add luster and provides a “skin” to protect the mold against dirt and grime.

  • For growing ears in children and adults, Insta-Molds can be made tighter by reapplying an Insta-Seal coating to the outside of the earplugs.

  • Insta-Molds are hypoallergenic and nontoxic to normal skin containing a special salt complex that works as an antiseptic astringent and fungicide.

  • Insta-Molds are known for providing a reliable “tissue-to-tissue” fit that duplicates every crevice and contour of the ear.

  • Only Insta-Mold silicones are reinforced with the highest levels of hydrophobic (water repelling) organo-siloxane groups.

  • Insta-Mold was worn by the first U.S. Gold Medallist in the U.S. Summer Olympics, Atlanta, Georgia, 1996.

  • The Insta-Mold process is the only proven and accepted procedure published in the Archives of Otolaryngology. No other instant system can make this claim. Kasden, M.A., Robinson, M.D., “Fabrication of Custom-Made Ear Plugs for Swimming” Archive Otolaryngology, Volume 100, July 1974.


Custom made on the spot while you wait.
Cost: $60.00/set, with Lanyard $65.00

Call us today to schedule your appointment. 

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