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J and C Custom Hearing Protection

We have traveled to events and shows in places such as Loveland, Fort Collins, Johnstown, Greeley, Denver, Aurora, Windsor, and Colorado Springs, Colorado. Call us if you have a company or special event and would like us to bring our special ambulance to you.

J and C Custom Hearing Protection is a Colorado based company. We make custom hearing protection at your location, in our famous mobile lab (our converted ambulance) while you wait. In most cases you can have hearing protection in about 30 minutes.

For your convenience, J and C Custom Hearing Protection will come to your business to fit your employees on the spot. If you have a special event at a shooting range, motorcycle shop or other activity, we will gladly mobilize to provide your attendees and guests with custom hearing protection that lasts for years. The cost of custom hearing protection is better than non-custom protection. Read more about this comparison.

Our fitters are always the owners, Jim and Connie. We are fully insured and highly trained. Not only do we make custom fit hearing protection, we also create specialized ear buds and custom ear pieces to fit Bluetooth devices. In addition, we work with firefighters and law enforcement agencies to create custom ear pieces with radio wire kits that provide outstanding clarity to pac set radio communications. Those are just a few of our additional product lines. We can and will make anything that can be used in the ear. Just ask if we can make it.

J and C Custom Hearing Protection
J and C Custom Hearing Protection
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