J & C Custom Hearing Protection provides a variety of inexpensive options to meet our growing consumers’ needs. One such need has been filtered earplugs that allow for better speech and communications recognition that also provides adequate protection when used correctly in noisy environments.

Acoustical Filtered Chameleon Ears
Used to protect your hearing from sudden impact and constant sound levels such as gunfire and wind noise, the Acoustical Filtered Chameleon Ears is designed to contain louder sounds to a comfortable level.

Made from a heat-curable silicone, these units are extremely durable and comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. Fitting flush to the bowl of the ear, they will not interfere with protective headwear or eyewear such as goggles or facemasks. It’s no wonder these products have become a favorite among shooters, motorcyclists, skydivers, emergency personnel and concert spectators worldwide. Even professional sporting teams are benefiting by drowning out louder crowd noise while still maintaining a clear pathway for understanding signals.

(Note: Ear impressions are required for proper manufacturing and custom fit. Please contact us to find your nearest provider.)

Acoustical Filters made on the spot
Cost: $90.00/set

Acoustical Filtered Earplugs

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